October 27, 2010

Video: The House of Mercy in Russia

Title: Open the Doors of Mercy To Us

This trailer presents the first 10 minutes of the CRTN - documentary "Open the Doors of Mercy to us."

Production Date: 2004
Duration: 29'

Copyright: CRTN / Blagovest Media
Language: English
Executive Producer: Mark Riedemann
Director: Nicolas Goriakin

"These are my children. There are 53 of them. We have children of different nationalities in my family: Russians, Ukrainians, German, Bashkyrs, Kazahs, Tatars, Gypsies, and Japanese. ... The Lord gave them what they have lost: they regained a family." [Fr. Nikolay Stremsky]

Fr. Nikolay Stremsky, a married Orthodox priest arrived in Saractash, a Russian village that lies 100 km from steppe Orenburg, only to be confronted with the grim reality of post communist Russian village life. Unemployment and insufficient social services have abandoned many to the streets -- particularly children. Little by little he gathered them together under his shelter. Fr. Nikolay recounts the beginning of what has today become a phenomenon in Russia -- the House of Mercy.