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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Face of Saint Euphemia Still Incorrupt!

By John File 
Recently, I received an e-mail from one of the bishops who was in Constantinople last month discussing the diaspora: 
"When I was recently at the Patriarchal Cathedral of St George in the Phanar (on Tuesday, September 21st) I was tremendously blessed to have the silver reliquary casket of St Euphemia opened so that she could be venerated. An archimandrite brought a small silver key and unlocked the small lock which secures the silver chain which encircles the reliquary. He softly chanted her Apolytikion as he did so. St Euphemia's body from neck down is covered in a red velvet shroud embroidered with gold thread, while covering her face is another red velvet cloth (about the size of an aer) also embroidered with gold thread. I believed just that to be an exceptional blessing (to be present when her reliquary was opened since it generally is only opened twice each year - on her two feast days). BUT then the priest removed the aer from St Euphemia's face! There she was - the skin of her face darkened by the centuries, but still there and intact! Upon her head was a silver crown/cap studded with several large gems. It was the crown we kissed when we were invited to venerate the sweet smelling relics of this virgin bride of Christ."
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