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Friday, October 15, 2010

Spiritual Counsels of Saint Seraphim (Romantsov) of Glinsk Hermitage

- "To protect your soul from being disturbed, it is better to compromise on what does not contradict the commandments of God, and to be careful in watching yourself, lest you leave irritation, hatred, and offense in your soul."

- "Condemnation of one's neighbors is a spiritual weakness and not a paltry thing. The one who condemns shares responsibility with the sinner."

- The elder did not like to hear claims of someone's spiritual elevation, incidents of ”revelations,” or that someone ”had experiences.” He cautioned against too readily believing such people, lest this turn into the blind leading the blind.

- The elder persuaded people to hold to the golden mean, not falling into senseless joy or into excessive sorrow. Extremes have brought many to a bad end, even to suicide.

- "When it is painful to remember the past, it is better to simply repent of what had been bad, and think no more about it. In order not to despair or be enfeebled by it, remember the examples of God's great mercies to great sinners. The main thing: do not condemn, do not envy, know yourself and be with God.”

- "Do not pay particular heed to comforting dreams. It is better not to welcome an angel than to receive a demon in the form of an angel. We are proud, and can easily make a mistake in this regard."

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