March 4, 2010

Recent Miracles of St. Gerasimos of Jordan

Saint Gerasimos of Jordan (Feast Day - March 4)

St. Gerasimos of Jordan worked many miracles while alive and continues to the present day to work many miracles for Orthodox Christians. While alive he lived a strict ascetic life with little food and drink, he was able to read people's thoughts, foretell the future, pray unceasingly, raise the dead, and as is well known his purity was like that of Adam in Paradise and so walked with wild beasts as if they were his best friends. So speedy does his aid come from beyond the grave that over the centuries he has taken on the nickname of "Saint Express".

Archimandrite Chrysostomos, the abbot of St. Gerasimos Monastery in Jordan, relates the following recent miracles of St. Gerasimos:

1. The Twelve Year Old Boy With A High Fever

About twenty years ago Deacon Eirinaios of the monastery at Sinai came here from Jerusalem. He had with him a twelve year old boy from Crete that was a student at the Zion school. It was Saturday evening, I was very tired, and I was kneading, because I didn't have prosphoro for the Sunday Liturgy. Suddenly the boy began to get a very high fever, he had a terrible headache and was in unbearable pain. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have a vehicle, except a moped, so I could not take him to the doctor and I was thus in a hopeless situation. I prayed to the Saint to make the child well. Around 11:00PM the deacon and the child fell asleep. I was beyond tired, had the breads in the oven, I was thinking about the Liturgy the next morning, and I pleaded fervently to the Saint to make the sick child well. At one point the deacon heard a knock at the door. He got up, looked around, but nobody was there. He came and found me and we went together to their room. I told him it must have been the Saint. I didn't have time to finish what I was saying when the child awoke and said: "Elder, I'm all wet! An old man spilled a bucket of water on me!" We took off his t-shirt and dried him off with the towel. In five minutes he fell asleep peacefully, without a fever, and in the morning he was perfectly well.

2. The Saint Brings Fruit To Those Who Came To Venerate Him

One time there was a group from Greece, in the region of Macedonia, that came to the Holy Land with a bishop who was named Dionysios. He had come with students from the Theological School. They notified us from Jericho that they were coming and asked if I could prepare them fava (because I normally make fava for visitors).

When they entered the monastery I told the bishop: "My Master, please forgive me but I do not have fruit to eat after your fava." Not long after that a soldier came in with a case of oranges and says: "Abba, take these oranges." I wondered who it was, because he left immediately and I went to see from what regiment he was from. I went outside, I looked over there, I looked over here, nothing. The soldier was out of sight. I called over a laborer and asked him where the soldier went. Confused he said that no soldier had entered the monastery. "How didn't he enter?" I told him. "Here are the oranges." The laborer was scared stiff and said: "No one entered. I was right here, at the door. No one came, I did not even see a jeep." I came back in and told the bishop that the Arab had told me that he saw no one enter. Everyone was confused because they all saw him with their eyes. They all went outside, a minute passed, and they saw no one. Even if he had come in a car, it still would not have had time to be beyond our sight. The Saint came to our aid and brought us fruit.

3. The Miraculous Discovery of Water for the Monastery

The well in the court of the monastery had very little water. And still it was not enough for the needs of the monastery. So I decided to dig in a nearby area where I had heard there was water in the old days. Three of us were digging - Samir, an Arab that I have had here since he was a child, a temporary worker, and myself. Though we dug twenty-three meters deep, we did not find even a drop of water. I remember it was afternoon. I was very tired and disappointed and sat down under a wild tree, to rest a bit. Then I said: "My Saint Gerasimos, it appears you do not want us to find water. If we do not find it today I will close up the well." We were working in the traditional manner. We would dig with the hoe and the pickaxe and we would clear it out with the shovel to go down. At that time the two workers were digging down and I was emptying the buckets. They yelled for me: "Abba, come down because we have found gravel." They had only found sand rocks. I got up right away. I went down the well, took the pickaxe, and began to dig myself. I dug and I dug and I dug until I went down half a meter and noticed the gravel was wet. At one and a half meters we found water. I absolutely believe this was a miracle of the Saint. If I did not pray to him and continue the shoveling, I would have absolutely closed the hole up the next day. The Jews forbid a person to dig a well or build anything without a license, which is why I always have problems. A greater miracle of the Saint was that the water was clean and sweet. In our region, because of our close proximity to the Dead Sea, not only are the waters bitter, but salty as well because of the sulphur, and it smells like eggs.

4. The Appearance of the Saint in His Church

About twelve years ago the abbot went to Greece. At the monastery there was a Romanian nun named Maria, an Arab named Asam who was then a young child, and next door in a cave the Abbess Christodouli. Every night they would hear the door of the Church of Saint Gerasimos open and close. Maria would go to see who it was, but saw no one. The same with Asam, who would then return to the monastery, because he would see no one.

When Fr. Chrysostomos returned to the monastery, they asked him: "Elder, who opens and closes the door to the church every night?"

He responded: "It is Saint Gerasimos, who else could it be?"

Saint Gerasimos is the protector of his monastery, especially when its protector is not present. It should also be noted that many smell a peculiar beautiful aroma in the church that cannot be described.

5. The Healing of a Young Student in Cyprus

D.S. from Larnaka, Cyprus relates the following:

My son George, fifteen years old, had a severe health problem. For five or six months continuously, every day, he would faint. We went to many doctors and spent a lot of money, and suffered a lot, until we heard about Saint Gerasimos from Abbot Chrysostomos. We spoke together, and after a Supplication to the Saint, my child was healed. He is functioning normally now. And even though from young childhood I had a heart problem, the next test showed that I was in absolutely perfect health, to the last detail.

6. Saint Gerasimos Confesses a Couple

A couple related the following story:

A few years ago we came to the monastery of the Saint and stayed there for a few days. One evening we asked the abbot if we could confess to him, if he had time. The abbot said that he could not because he had a lot of work to do. After a little while we climbed the stairs and entered the Church of Saint Gerasimos. We saw the abbot there again. When he saw us, he told us with much love: "Come my children, so I could confess you."

When the confession was over, we went down to the courtyard. After a bit the abbot passed near us and we thanked him, because he set aside his errands and was tired and still did us the favor and took on the burden of confessing us.

Then he, with confusion, said: "What are you talking about, my children? I confessed you? I haven't confessed anyone today. I had told you I didn't have time and I was tired."

We were speechless. We understood that the person who confessed us was none other than Saint Gerasimos. He appeared in the form of the abbot, in order to not suspect anything. We glorify God and thank Him! We further thank His great Saint, Saint Gerasimos, who gave us the great honor to confess us.

7. Saint Gerasimos Blesses A Priest

A clergyman related the following:

One day I was at the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos and was sitting in the outer court. At one point the abbot walked in front of me and blessed me. A little while later he again passed and I thanked him for giving me a blessing a little while before when he walked in front of me.

The abbot then told me: "Father, a little while ago I was not here, nor did I pass in front of you."

Then I responded saying that it must have been another clergyman that was staying at the monastery. He then told me that the only people wearing a rason (cassock) in the monastery were the two of us. We then understood that it was Saint Gerasimos that took the form of the abbot and walked around his monastery.


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Apolytikion in the First Tone
Thou didst prove to be a citizen of the desert, an angel in the flesh, and a wonderworker, O Gerasimos, our God-bearing Father. By fasting, vigil, and prayer thou didst obtain heavenly gifts, and thou healest the sick and the souls of them that have recourse to thee with faith. Glory to Him that hath given thee strength. Glory to Him that hath crowned thee. Glory to Him that worketh healings for all through thee.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
As a star resplendent with the light of virtues, thou didst make the wilderness of Jordan radiantly shine with beams of sacred celestial light, O righteous Father, God-bearing Gerasimos.