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March 30, 2010

Vegetative Cures for Cancer

March 30, 2010

There is a great deal of factors that may cause cancer, and not all of them are known. Yet, doctors know some of them very well. Bad nutrition is one of them.


Out of all vegetable, cabbage is especially rich in specific anti-cancer substances that block the development of the disease at all stages. They suppress the activity of the genes responsible for cancer development, prevent damage to healthy genes and decrease the ability of timorous cells to grow.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli are especially beneficial. Some independent research studies conducted in Denmark, Great Britain and Finland showed that even a small portion of broccoli (100 grams a day) is enough to lower the risk of prostate and lung cancer. Brussels sprouts are also rich in calcium, sodium, phosphor and iron.

Onion and garlic

Both these vegetables are capable of preventing primary damage to genes causing cancer development. Garlic is particularly good for preventing colon cancer and decreases the risk by 70%. Garlic is best consumed raw. Before consumption it is recommended to finely chop it and let it “breath” for 10 to 15 minutes.


Tomatoes contain a special anti-cancer pigment also contained in red bell pepper. Tomatoes are good in any way, fresh, as ketchup, tomato paste, juices and even sauces. Research revealed that consumption of tomato juice on a daily basis for a month lowers the risk of prostate cancer by 20%.

Blueberry and Raspberry

Blueberry has been long ago recognized as a miracle berry in all respects. Thanks to high concentration of antioxidants it protects all cells in the body from destruction, and its dark blue segment (also found in bilberry) enhances eyesight and prevents eye diseases.

Blueberry and raspberry contain ellagic acid that deprives focus of disease nutrition and ability to survive.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the leaders in terms of antioxidants as well as a depository of the most important anti-cancerogenic substance, epigallocatechin gallate. The substance prevents tumor growth and decreases the risk of their appearance. Daily consumption of 5 cups of green tea a day decreases chances of breast cancer.

It is believed that adding milk or any diary product to tea weakens its antioxidant features.


The most favorite Indian spice, curry, provokes health loss and restrains growth of cancerous cells. This effect is made possible by curcuma, to be more exact, its fragrant component curcumin.

The scientists that made the discovery (in Tohohu University, Japan) were astonished by the discovered effect and decided to synthesize curcumin and were successful. The substances they obtained were more resistant and can affect cancer cells even more efficiently. In the years to come, the substances may be used to produce medication.


Benefits of moderate alcohol consumption have been proven long time ago. British cardiologists came to a conclusion that daily (albeit small) doses of wine reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and related deaths. US physiologists are convinced that women who regularly consume red wine are on average skinnier than non-drinking women.

Eighteen months ago American Society for Cancer Research declared that weak alcohol had certain benefits. For example, every glass of white wine (assuming consumption of no more than 2 glasses per day) reduces the risk of lung cancer by 2%; and during chemo therapy antioxidants contained in wine protect healthy cells from radiation damage.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which makes it prevent damage to healthy cells and forming of cancer cells. Antioxidants come from cocoa bean, which means their concentration must be maximal. For better results, eat not just bitter or dark chocolate, but chocolate marked as

“65% or more of cocoa . Recommended daily dosage is 30 to 40 grams..


Despite all the faults of this beverage, it gets a definite “plus” from oncologists. Researchers found out that daily consumption of caffeine drinks reduced cancer development by 16%. To prevent prostate cancer doctors recommend drinking coffee every day. Three to four cups of coffee per day reduced risk of colon cancer by 24%. Women willing to protect themselves from endometrial cancer have to drink two cups of coffee a day.

There is evidence, however, that coffee consumption may slightly increase chances of breast and lung cancer, but there is no unified opinion. Some experts believe that cancer is caused not by the beverage itself but accompanying habits like sweets consumption and smoking.


Legumes are rich in phitoestrogen that is proven to fight lungs and breast cancer. They also a good source of fiber. Scientists found that eating beans on a regular basis reduced risk of cancer by 40%.


Bananas are another product for cleansing and tumor prevention. Bananas are also rich in sugar, which means that they are a great source of energy, both physical and mental. Bananas are rich in vitamin K. It is necessary to provide kidney functioning, bone formation and digest calcium and vitamin D.