February 16, 2010

Poll Results for Most Blasphemous Movie

For about a month or so I posted a poll to see what movie in theatres now is the most blasphemous. See post here. Though some were better than others, I thought they all had some sort of blasphemy in them, which is why I was interested in hearing from my readers. That is not to say I didn't like any of these movies either. In fact, I liked all of them, except not so much Legion and Creation.

The results are here:

- 71 people voted.

- Avatar had 21 votes (29%)
- The Lovely Bones had 7 votes (9%)
- Legion had 37 votes (52%)
- The Book of Eli had 13 votes (18%)
- Sherlock Holmes had 5 votes (7%)
- The White Ribbon had 1 vote (1%)
- Creation had 5 votes (7%)

- The most blasphemous movie award thus go to: Legion

So it appears a bit more than half of the voters agreed with me that Legion is the most blasphemous movie out there. If you havn't seen it, don't waste your time. And I'm not necessarily saying this for its blasphemous content, but it is just a bad movie and horrible story line. But if you want to see the Archangel Michael take the form of an assassin who rebels against God because God is too cruel, and who fights people possessed by angels (not demons) that act like demons, and who has a fight scene against the Archangel Gabriel, and then convinces God that He was wrong about destroying the world, and then has to convince Gabriel that God changed His mind,...well its up to you.

Thanks for voting.