February 26, 2010

Greek Crisis Is More Spiritual Than Economic

To escape the present crisis we must return to the way of God, says Archbishop Hieronymos of Athens and All Greece. He further said that though we all talk of a crisis, if we pull back the curtain we will see our own faces.

"We are embarrassed to say that we have a crisis in our days and we say it is economical", said the Archbishop, emphasizing the fact that we are facing many crisis' today, though they all stem from a spiritual crisis.

On the topic of immigration and the role of the Church, he also responded to those who criticize the philanthropic ministry of the Church towards the immigrants, saying: "We did not bring the strangers, and it is not our role to get rid of them. But when they knock on our door we must give them a plate of food because that is what Christ told us to do." Relating this issue to the topic of the economic crisis, he said that we distance ourselves from God when we don't obey these commands of Christ.

Hieronymos concluded saying: "I am sure that when we understand these things, then we will be able to move past this crisis."