February 17, 2010

Panagia Dakrirooussa of the Prophet Elias Skete at Mount Athos

Panagia Dakrirooussa, otherwise known as the the Weeping Tikhvin Icon, is to be found at the Prophet Elias Skete at Mount Athos. On February 17, 1877 (Thursday of the Second Week of Lent) seven monks remained in the church after the Hours had been read. They were astonished to see tears flowing from the right eye of the icon, and collecting on the frame. Then a single large tear came from the left eye.

The monks wiped the tears from the icon's face, then left the church and locked the doors behind them. Three hours later, they returned for Vespers and saw traces of tears on the icon, and a single tear in the left eye. Again they wiped the tears from the icon, but they did not reappear.

Regarding this manifestation of tears as a sign of mercy from the Mother of God, the monks established an annual commemoration of the icon on February 17.