February 13, 2010

More Russians to Observe Great Lent

Growing Number of Russians Find Their Way Into Great Lent

Moscow, Russia
February 12, 2010

Almost one third of Russians are going to observe Great Lent this year, while others do not want to restrict themselves, the poll says.

In spite of the fact that majority of Russians still ignore food limitations during Great Lent, this year their number has decreased from 83 percent to 62 percent if compared to 2008, sociologists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center told Interfax on Friday summing up results of All-Russian poll held in February.

According to it, among those who refuse fasting are respondents aged under 34 (67-71 percent) and atheists (87 percent).

However, the number of those who are going to observe Lent has increased from 16 percent to 32 percent for the recent two years.