November 29, 2009

More On the Rising Cult of Ayn Rand

In three previous posts I have attempted to bring attention to the fact of Ayn Rand's rising popularity, especially among American Conservatives. See the following links for this information:

The Cult of Ayn Rand is Re-emerging

Has Modern Conservatism Become a Cult?

Ayn Rand and the American Right

To add to these posts, I would also like to submit the following articles that I found worth reading to better familiarize yourself with this influential figure within our contemporary context:

Ayn Rand Goes Mainstream

The Real Rogue Warrior: Ayn Rand, Not Sarah Palin

Ayn Rand: Conservative Heroine?

Ayn Rand's Conservative Call Echoes Today

Yet I am aware that most people do not know who Ayn Rand is nor the principles behind her Objectivist philosophy. The following are good overview sources:

Ayn Rand: Wikipedia

Objectivism: Wikipedia

I highly recommend the following interview conducted by Mike Wallace with Ayn Rand in 1959. It really hits at the essence of her "selfish" philosophy in the words of the philosopher herself. Part One is here:

For the rest of this excellent interview, see Part Two and Part Three.

Evidence that Ayn Rand plays a significant role among the American Right is evident in at least two of the more vocal Conservative voices in America - Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Both have often cited Ayn Rand as a prophetic voice of our times.

Rush Limbaugh has been documented on various sites citing Ayn Rand. See here, here and here.

Glenn Beck also has cited Rand numerous times, and sometimes can be seen on his television program holding up Atlas Shrugged like a Bible, so impressed is he with her economic philosophy. See also this interview he did with Yaron Brook, the Executive Director for the Ayn Rand Center on 02/17/09:

The Tea Party revolts of the Conservative Right have become intertwined with the Going Galt Movement. What is the Going Galt Movement and what does this have to do with Ayn Rand? Read the following along with a video below:

‘Going Galt’: Everyone’s Doing It!

“Going Galt” and the next Tea Party wave

Who is John Galt and What is the Going Galt Movement?

A few days ago FOX News even allowed an opinion piece titled Why Ayn Rand Still Resonates to be published. This article also reveals the growing popularity of Ayn Rand not only among the youth, but adults as well.

Not only are Conservatives influenced by Rand on the political level, but on the business level her Capitalist ideals are very appealing as well. The following two videos show her influence in this capacity. The first is produced by the Ayn Rand Institute and the second is a lecture by businessman Ed Snider, one of the founders of the Ayn Rand Institute.

Ayn Rand's philosophy is full of contradictions and unrealizable utopian ideals that it could take pages to properly critique her Objectivist philosophy and the role it could play in society through religion, politics, economics, education, morality, and other such things. To look into these critiques, I highly recommend one study the links on the following webpage, which present both personal criticisms of Ayn Rand as well as criticisms of her "Objectivist Movement".

There are also two new biographies which expose the persona and ideology of Rand which can be read about in the following review:

How Ayn Rand Became an American Icon: The perverse allure of a damaged woman

It is worth noting that although many Conservatives today endorse Ayn Rand's books, she herself would likely have critiqued them for their own political philosophies. Evidence of this can be seen on the following video she made in 1961:

One more proof how much of an INDIVIDUAL Ayn Rand desired to be.