Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Holy Myriad of Nitria

The Holy Myriad Martyrs of Nitria (Feast Day - July 10);
Icon depicts St. Isidore

On July 10th the Orthodox Church commemorates the Holy Myriad (10,000) of Nitria who were killed by burning by order of Theophilus, bishop of Alexandria, due to his enmity against Isidore the Presbyter and the Four Tall Brothers.

These holy ascetics lived in caves and huts in Nitria of Egypt and their chief job was to keep the commandments of God. They lived a life of fastings, vigils and prayers and they numbered around 10,000. Because Saint Isidore rebuked Theophilus regarding certain ecclesiastical and theological issues, and the monks of Nitria supported him, Theophilus came out against them with armed soldiers to bring them to justice and burned the Holy Fathers alive, with few that lived to tell the tale.

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