October 5, 2021

The Horrible Martyrdom of Saint Charitina

 By Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi

(Addressing the Brotherhood of Vatopaidi Monastery 
on one October 5th - the feast of Saint Charitina)

Today, we celebrate a young maiden. Charitina is her name!

She was abducted because she was a Christian. They said to her: "Will you deny Christ? Will you worship idols?" She said: "No!"

Then, they shaved her head and put burning coals on it.

Then, they pierced her with skewers, struck her with sticks, tortured her.

She refused to deny.

They tied a large stone around her neck and threw her into the sea. Angels untied her and brought her out alive.

They took her again a second time and they pulled out her nails, they pulled out her teeth, they removed her skin.

What will we, my brothers, say now? Wasn't this maiden in pain?

She endured because her faith was above it.

Indeed, these are our ancestors, my brothers.