May 27, 2021

Pilgrim Walks 87 Miles To Venerate the Relics of Saint John the Russian


In the month of May vows made to Saint John the Russian increase as his feast day on the 27th approaches. A typical example of this was a vow fulfilled in 2019 by  Kostas Zarkadoulas, in which he walked 87 miles (140 km) from Aliartos in Boeotia to the Church of Saint John the Russian in Prokopi. The journey took him 40 hours, and he was accompanied by his friend Vasili Karanasos. The vow to walk to Saint John the Russian was actually one he made to Saint Paraskevi.

With faith and patience he succeeded. He entered the church, knelt before the holy relic, prayed, took some holy water, and then the same day he visited the Chapel of Saint Paraskevi in Mazi Aliartos, which completed his vow. His determination impressed all those who heard about his journey, who in return offered him their best wishes.