July 31, 2020

The Best of July 2020 by the Mystagogy Resource Center (MRC)

Below is the monthly review for the month of July 2020 of the ten most popular articles on johnsanidopoulos.com, then all the posts made on the other websites of the Mystagogy Resource Center in order of popularity.


1. How Hagia Sophia Became a Museum in 1934

2. The British Intended for Hagia Sophia To Be a Church Again in 1918

3. Was Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos A Uniate?

4. The Hagia Sophia Churches (Fr. George Florovsky)

5. The Proposal of Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogaia Regarding Hagia Sophia

6. "The Greatest and Most Wonderful Thing I Experienced With Saint Païsios"

7. Hagia Sophia and the Ottomans

8. An Academic Theologian Describes His Vision of the Theotokos

9. Maria Aroni: The 75 Year Old Vigilant Guardian at the Grave of Archbishop Christodoulos

10. How Saint Irene Chrysovalantou Saved a Man from Certain Death by Nazi Soldiers


1. The Russian Orthodoxy of Natalie Wood

2. When Irene Pappas Delivered a Poignant Rendition of "Ti Ypermacho Stratigo" Inside Hagia Sophia in 1983

3. Realism and Faith

4. The Diseases of Blissful Happiness


1. An Orthodox Christian View of the Theory of Evolution

2. Book Recommendation: "Journey of a Doctor: In Search of the Spiritual Dimension of the Medical Profession"


1. Concerning the Alleged Prophecy of Abba Pambo

2. A 16th Century Monastery in Konitsa Dedicated to All the Prophets Has Been Rebuilt


1. St. John Chrysostom on Whether Disembodied Souls Wander the Earth

2. The Creepiest Scene in Jesus Film History

3. How Does the Devil Perceive our Prayers Yet Cannot Read our Thoughts?

4. Thoughts on Watchfulness and Vigilance After Watching "A Nightmare on Elm Street"


1. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew: "The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque will turn millions of Christians around the world against Islam"

2. Turkish President Erdogan Has Officially Signed a Decree Turning Hagia Sophia Into a Mosque

3. Islamic Teaching Prohibits the Conversion of Churches Into Mosques




1. Book Review: "Columbus & Cortez, Conquerors for Christ"


1. Little Kyriaki Tells the Story of Saint Kyriaki

2. A Short Film of the Life of Saint Sophrony of Essex By and For Children


1. The Stench of Hagia Sophia

2. Three Personal Experiences with Indiana Jones

3. Top Ten Movies of 2020 (So Far)


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