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April 5, 2020

Holy Virgin Martyr Ypomoni


On the fifth of this month (April) we commemorate the Holy Virgin Martyr Ypomoni.


Being supported upon great faith,
Ypomoni passionately approached the Lord as a bride.

The Holy Virgin Martyr Ypomoni is not officially listed in the calendar of the Church, however she is mentioned in the Codex 1104 folio 986 of Vatopaidi Monastery, where there is a complete Service devoted to her which was composed by Theophanes. The Canon has the acrostic: "τοὺς σοὺς ἀγῶνας, Ὑπομονή, θαυμάσω" ("I am in awe, Ypomoni, of your struggles").

What we can gather from these hymns is that Saint Ypomoni was a virgin who dedicated her life to Christ, and for her confession of faith in Christ and refusal to worship the idols during one of the early Christian persecutions, she was subjected to tortures. One that is mentioned is that there was an attempt to burn her alive, but the fire was as fresh dew from which she emerged unharmed. We are also informed that she was bound and imprisoned, was suspended on a wooden pole and was lacerated, and that some of her limbs were cut off. Everything she faced, she did with bravery and courage and was steadfast in her faith till the end, having her mind set on her love for Christ and being with her Bridegroom for eternity. There is no exact detail as to how her end came to be, but it seems she finally succumbed to her tortures. In one place she is referred to as a "Great Martyr" for everything that she endured. We are also informed that she has the gift to work healings for those who approach her with faith seeking her intercessions.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
Ornament of martyrs, wondrous Ypomoni, for your good testimony you received a crown, all-honorable athlete; having dissolved all the craftiness of Belial, you raised up the Savior by your brave labors, and do now intercede before the Lord on behalf of those who honor you.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
As a champion and with your sharp apprehension, you were strengthened by your alliance with Christ, and contested with the power of Christ; but as you were steadfast in your contest, assist us by your intercessions, that we who honor you may obtain salvation.

Grant my tongue clarity and my mind Your light, life-giving Savior, to worthily hymn Your bright lamb, for on behalf of her testimony she was given over to tortures, not being attached even to her members, and showed her love towards You till the end; and we due to these honorable contests honor her by joyfully crying out: Rejoice much-contested Virgin Martyr of the Lord, whose perseverance is a rule of being most-manly, most-renowned Ypomoni, you who dwell in the heavens and makes merry with the saints, in a manner worthy of your labors, but intercede that we who honor you may obtain salvation.

Rejoice sun-resembling maiden the beauty of martyrs,
Rejoice dignity of the faith who continued in perseverance,
Rejoice for your contest builds up the faithful,
Rejoice for your resistance tramples on the enemies,
Rejoice glory and boast of your homeland and race,
Rejoice for your bravery is an invitation to the contest,
Rejoice maiden named for steadfastness and the hope of athletes,
Rejoice revered emblem of monastics and ascetics,
Rejoice aroma of the faith the fragrance of Christ,
Rejoice exaltation and boast of those who ever struggle,
Rejoice support and pillar of those shown to be athletes,
Rejoice for your contest brings joy to earth and heaven,
Rejoice for you make ready for salvation those who honor you.