April 9, 2020

A Time for Silence

By Archimandrite Parthenios D. Asemides,
Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Siderokastro

We have already arrived at the last week of Great Lent.

The piety of our people has named it "Silent" or "Deaf", because during it there are no Salutations to the Theotokos.

But there is another reason that such a week exists. The nickname is not at all by accident.

It is a time for us to prepare to follow our Lord to His Passion.

It is a Passion which our Lord approached with silence.

For three years He spoke. He taught. He healed. Now He is silent!

He responds to all the accusations against Him with His silence.

He walks the path towards His martyrdom as one who is deaf. No response. No condemnation.

Now, we are in a similar position. On a path towards a martyrdom. Towards our own Golgotha.

Why not imitate Him? Why should we continuously talk by commenting on others, judging and condemning?

Why on such holy days should we do the devil a favor and add more weight to our soul? We will ascend Golgotha which is before us. We will suffer our own "Cross".

We will also need to endure our own "tomb". But afterwards will come the RESURRECTION.


A Good Pascha! A Good Resurrection!!!!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.