March 31, 2020

Saint Hypatius the Healer of the Kiev Caves

St. Hypatius the Healer of the Caves (Feast Day - March 31)

In 1240 the Golden Horde of Batu Khan invaded Russia, and brought the Kiev Caves Lavra to ruin, leaving it desolate for many years, though some monks still lived there. It was at this time that Venerable Hypatius the Healer of the Kiev Caves Lavra became a vessel of divine grace through his rigorous fasting of only eating bread and water and his prayerful vigilance. By night he stood at prayer, slept very little, and ate only bread and water. He devoted himself entirely to the service of the sick, having received from God the gift of healing. Those sick with various illnesses often hastened to his prayerful intercession. His incorrupt relics rest in the Theodosius (Far) Caves. Now, they who resort with faith in their illnesses to his relics receive healing.