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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Kontakion and Oikos to Saint Dionysios the Areopagite

Tone pl. 4. You the invincible champion.

In spirit, you passed through heavens gates, instructed, by the Apostle who attained, that which is beyond the three heavens, O Dionysios, you were enriched with all knowledge that is unspeakable, and you enlightened those who slumbered in the darkness of ignorance, wherefore we cry out: Rejoice, universal Father.

An angel of the first rank.

The great Dionysios, was called an angel among men for his virtue, and soaring with his wings, he was initiated in his mind with all forms of heavenly knowledge; therefore with songs of praise, let us honor him as an angel, crying aloud to him the following:

Rejoice, you who came to know Christ through Paul,
Rejoice, you who turned many to Christ;

Rejoice, destroyer of the dwellings of many gods,
Rejoice, observer of counsel known to God;

Rejoice, book inscribed by God, treasury of mysteries,
Rejoice, tablet formed by God, surveyer of the heavens;

Rejoice, for you perceived the Passion of the Lord,
Rejoice, for you were eagerly slain for His sake;

Rejoice, spring which gushes forth forgiveness,
Rejoice, rain drop that hollows out foolishness;

Rejoice, unerring way to salvation,
Rejoice, fence to the by-way of impiety.

Rejoice, universal Father.

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