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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saint Michael Paknanas Resource Page

St. Michael Paknanas the Gardner (Feast Day - June 30 & July 9)


Divine Michael was not dismayed as he was beheaded,
For he eagerly accepted it on behalf of Christ.

+ + +

Why O sword-bearer do you little by little against the neck,
Behead Michael? For he was not dismayed by the sword.
On the ninth Michael was unyielding as his neck was cut by the sword.

Synaxarion of the Holy New Martyr Michael Paknanas the Gardner of Athens

Saint Michael Paknanas the Gardner from Athens (+ 1771)

The Home and Garden of Saint Michael Paknanas

The Church of the Panagia of Vlassarou in Athens

The Martyrdom Site of St. Michael Paknanas in Athens

First Time Divine Liturgy Where St. Michael Paknanas Was Martyred

Divine Liturgy At the Site of St. Michael Paknanas' Martyrdom (video)

The Athenian Stylite of the Temple of Olympian Zeus

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