July 15, 2017

Holy Martyr Abudimos of Tenedos

St. Abudimos of Tenedos (Feast Day - July 15)


Abudimos was brought to an end by a sword,
And this also brought the crown.

Saint Abudimos was from the island of Tenedos and suffered martyrdom during the reign of Emperor Diocletian in the year 299. Having been arrested as a Christian, he could not be persuaded to sacrifice to idols, therefore he was laid down and tied by his hands and feet to four stakes. Having been beaten by nine soldiers, and because he was unwilling to taste of that which was offered to idols, for this reason he was torn by iron claws, and finally was beheaded, thus ascending victoriously into the heavens.

The Russian Abbot Daniel says in the twelfth century that his relic was buried in Tenedos.