July 10, 2017

Holy Martyr Apollonios of Sardis

St. Apollonios of Sardis (Feast Day - July 10)


The cross of Apollonios is a punishment,
For he said truly, the Cross is salvation.

The Holy Martyr Apollonios came from the city of Sardis, located in Lydia of Asia Minor. He declared himself a Christian and was arrested. Brought before the ruler Peronius in Iconium, he demanded that Apollonios swear an oath on the name of the emperor, he refused, saying that it was improper to swear on the name of a mortal man, especially one who does not recognize the Creator of all things. For this they tortured Apollonios for a long time and then crucified him. In this way the Holy Martyr received the crown of martyrdom. This occurred at Iconium either under the emperor Decius (249-251) or the emperor Valerian (253-259).