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Synaxis of All Saints of Laconia

All Saints of Laconia (Feast Day - Second Sunday of Great Lent)

On the 19th of June in 1983, when the consecration of the Sacred Church of Saint Nicholas in Sparta took place, Metropolitan Eustathios of Monemvasia and Sparta established the new feast of all those saints who shined brightly in Laconia, designating their celebration for the Second Sunday of Great Lent.

The Sacred Icon of the Laconian Saints can be found on the northern side of the Church of Saint Nicholas.

Among the chorus of the Laconian Saints, are:

- Saint Nikon the Preacher of Repentance (November 26)
- Saint Theoklitos of Lacedaemonia (December 1)
- Saint Leontios of Monemvasia (December 11)
- Saint Maximos the Greek (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint George of Mount Maleo (April 4)
- Saint Gregory of Mystra (Sunday of All Saints)
- Saint Ypomoni (May 29)
- Saint Thomas of Mount Maleo (July 7)
- Saint Elias the New (August 17)
- Saint John the New Martyr of Monemvasia (October 21)

Later, the following Laconian Saints were added:

- Saint Serapion the Sindonian (March 21)
- Saint Peter, Bishop of Monemvasia (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Theophanis, Bishop of Monemvasia (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Paul, Bishop of Monemvasia (May 5)
- Saint Martha of Monemvasia (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Theodore of Kythera (May 12)
- Saint Romanos the Sklepodioktis (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Isidore Boucheiras, Patriarch of Constantinople (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Photios of Monemvasia, Bishop of Kiev (May 27 & July 2)
- Saint Romanos the New Martyr of Deminitza (January 6)
- Saint Galaktion of Anavryti (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Neophytos the New Martyr of Lacedaemonia (2nd Sunday of Great Lent)
- Saint Mitros (or Demetrios) of Peloponnesos (May 28)
- Saint John the New Martyr of Turkoleka (October 16)

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
Surrounded by divine light, blessed ones, protectors of Laconia and wise interpreters of the divine will, you showed yourselves to shine with the power of Christ, all the hierarchs and the multitude of venerable ones and victorious martyrs, who continuously protect the multitude of Orthodox.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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