June 19, 2014

After 16 Centuries the Relics of St. Myron are Wondrously Uncovered in Crete

May 12, 2014 was an important day for Orthodoxy in Crete and the village of Agios Myronas in Heraklion. It was on that day that around 200 portions of the relics of St. Myron the Wonderworker (Aug. 8) were discovered in the church that bears his name in the village that bears his name.

The exhumation took place in the presence of Archbishop Irenaios of Crete and by decision of the Ecclesiastical Council, after dreams and signs were reported by the faithful and priests indicating the location of the relics and the will of the Saint.

At the exhumation, the marble tile was removed and those present crossed themselves and venerated the sacred relics.

It was reported that St. Myron appeared in peoples dreams and asked them to remove him from his grave.

The life and deeds of St. Myron are inexplicably linked with the ancient city of Rauko, which was the homeland of the Saint, and in his honor it was later named "Agios Myronas".

The dormition of the Saint is dated to around 350 AD.

"Here, for the past year, St. Myron has asked to be taken from his grave. Villagers saw the Saint in their dreams, but the parish priest from around 1860, Fr. Emmanuel Papadakis, had managed to gather the relics of the Saint within one place within the tomb.

We were informed by the villagers, and when we came to believe that this was not a delusion, we informed the Archbishop of Crete, who gave his permission, which was confirmed by the Ecclesiastical Council. We were very anxious", said the parish priest of the Holy Church of St. Myron, Fr. Nicholas Kritsotakes, to Crete TV.