June 18, 2014

31 Baptized Orthodox and Medicines Given in Dolisie, Congo

June 13, 2014


On the morning of 12th June 2014, His Grace Panteleimon, Bishop of Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon arrived in the city of Dolisie, where he baptised thirty-one newly-enlightened Christians of all ages, at the outdoor baptistery at the Holy Parish Church of St Irene.

In their majority the baptised Congolese are adults, who willingly came to Orthodoxy following personal spiritual pursuit and after many months of systematic catechism by the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul Diafouka.

Addressing the newly baptised ones, His Grace theologically interpreted the importance of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, expressed the joy of the local Church on their enrolment in it under the spiritual supervision, paternal guidance and Apostolic Heritage of the Patriarchal Throne of St Mark, and urged them to live the Orthodox faith with accord and prudence, becoming practical preachers of the Gospel message and examples of virtue towards their fellows, as Orthodox citizens of their noble country.


During his stay in Dolisie on June 13th 2014, His Grace Panteleimon, Bishop of Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon, handed over foodstuff to the “St Efstathios” Orphanage of the Holy Diocese, following the baptism of newly-enlightened Orthodox Christians.

He then went on to visit the General Hospital in the city, where he donated a quantity of medication for the needs of the poor being cared for there. This small contribution is as a gift of gratitude of the Holy Diocese of Brazzaville to the hospital – one of the best in the country – and its Director General, Dr. Matthia Kassay who, following a past plea from the Bishop, has responded willingly, so that the little children from the Orthodox orphanage may receive free medical care and nursing.

In conclusion, within the framework of the total reorganization of the benevolent Institutions of the Holy Diocese and their effective operation, His Grace presided over lengthy successive meetings with the teaching staff of the Orthodox “Light of the World” schools and the staff of the “St Efstathios” Orphanage, with the participation also of the members of the Diocesan Council of the local Church who came to Dolisie for this reason.