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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Old Calendarists Uniting

In an effort to become a united voice against the "heresy" of ecumenism which they associate with the united canonical ancient patriarchal Churches, the two schismatic Old Calendarist groups known as the Holy Synod of Resistance and the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece have announced at the completion of their dialogue yesterday that they are uniting. The long term goal is to unite all the Old Calendarist groups not in communion with the "official" Churches to enter a new phase of a common witness of "genuine" Orthodoxy, since the Old Calendarist movement has been known to splinter even among themselves into various self-contained groups. To express their common goal, they will soon issue a joint statement on ecclesiology and a condemnation of ecumenism. They will officially enter into liturgical communion this Sunday, which is the Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross, in the Monastery of St. Nicholas in Paiania, presided over by Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and All-Greece, who is the Archbishop of the schismatic Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece.

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