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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elder Paisios and the Hashish Addict

The Testimony of Lemoni Euthymiou of Thessaloniki, 
former officer of Mount Athos

After two months I returned to Mount Athos and to Elder Paisios, with three other friends. Next to me sat a friend who would drink hashish. He even had a "tree" in his house.

This friend was unfamiliar with the Church. This was his first visit to Elder Paisios.

Without him saying anything, the Elder asked him:

"Perhaps you drink hashish?"

He lied, saying: "No, Elder."

"Look", the old man said to him affectionately, "I will hang you from that tree! You know the one!"

When we arrived at Thessaloniki, at the home of my friend, that "tree" was dried up! He was stunned when he saw it. Afterwards he went to confession, and he "entered" the Church and took the path of God.

Source: From the book ΓΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ ΠΑΪΣΙΟΣ Ο ΑΓΙΟΡΕΙΤΗΣ 1924 - 1994, ΜΑΡΤΥΡΙΕΣ ΠΡΟΣΚΥΝΗΤΩΝ (Elder Paisios the Athonite 1924 - 1994, Testimonies of Pilgrims) by Nikolaos Zournatzoglou. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.

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