February 13, 2014

The Philanthropic Work of the Romanian Orthodox Church in 2013

February 13, 2014

The Romanian Orthodox Church spent some 17.7 million euro on charity activities in 2013, when it helped 23,000 children, 15,000 elders, 13,000 victims of human trafficking, as well as victims of family abuse, calamities, former inmates and the unemployed.

The Church helped families affected by the flooding in September with over 300,000 euro in cash and goods worth another 110,000 euro, according to its most recent data. The Church however did not say how much it raised in 2013 from donations.

The Romanian Orthodox Church runs 784 social institutions and services, out of which there are 141 soup kitchens and bakeries, 50 medical facilities and pharmacies, 75 daycare centers for kids, 68 educational centers, 15 daycare centers for the elderly, 11 community centers, 35 family centers, 38 social kindergartens, and 18 emergency centers, among others.

As many as 88.5 percent of Romanians said they are Orthodox according to the most recent census data, and the Church is the most trusted institution in Romania, according to surveys.