April 10, 2013

A Miracle of the Holy Cross in India

By Elder Cleopas of Sihastria

India is a very large country in which the majority are Hindus. This country received the gospel from the Apostle Thomas, however most inhabitants remained idolaters.

Once a missionary, after catechizing and baptizing several Indian families, raised a beautifully adorned wooden Cross with the Crucified One on it.

One day the idolaters went to the Crucified One and started to laugh while throwing dirt on His face, spitting, and hitting Him with batons. Suddenly Christ turned His face to the right, and looking at them He said: "Why do you laugh at Me?" The people stood still like pillars of salt, and some even died from fear. Others ran to their teachers and told them of this miracle. When they returned with their teachers they saw that the face of Christ was still turned to the right, and they were so surprised that they asked to be baptized immediately.

Today on the spot where the Crucified One was stands their Cathedral, and the wooden Cross survives in the Holy Altar.

Source: From Stories of Elder Cleopas. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.