November 16, 2012

Elder Paisios Film Draws Crowds in Russia (Video)

Christina Flora
November 11, 2012

A film based on the life and prophesies of Elder Paisios drew so many people to its Nov. 5 debut in Moscow that organizers had to hold three screenings to accommodate crowds that included many devout Orthodox Christians.

Paisios is revered by many faithful, so much so that a 27-year-old Greek man who parodied him on his Facebook page was arrested on blasphemy laws, reportedly at the behest of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has an ultra-religious platform.

Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, born Arsenios Eznepidis (1924–1994), was a well-known Eastern Orthodox monk from Farasa, Cappadocia. He is famous for his spiritual teachings. Many people worldwide, especially in Greece and in Russia, highly venerate Elder Paisios and anticipate his formal canonization as a saint in the near future.

The video above is in Russian and the one below is dubbed in Greek.