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October 6, 2012

No More Dual Sacraments in Fthiotida

October 2, 2012

Those who wish to celebrate simultaneously their wedding with the baptism of their child in Fthiotida, will no longer be allowed to do so after the new year.

In recent years, many couples choose to marry after having their child and thus make their wedding follow up with the baptism of their child. For some it has become a fashion that started among celebrities. There are not a few, however, couples who claim to have chosen the solution of the dual mysteries out of necessity, because times are tough and the cost of a wedding or a baptism can reach great heights.

With dual sacraments, charges are reduced, because the reception is done together, there is a common invitation, and a common wedding favor decoration. Therefore, everything is included in one package.

The priests, however, and the Metropolitan of Fthiotida have a different view and put an "end" to this tactic.