October 23, 2012

Booklet On Halloween Now Available!

A few years ago I began writing on Halloween to separate the facts from the fictions that have been circulating both within the Orthodox Church and among those who are not Orthodox. Though many have embraced the facts, the fictions are still circulating and one can find many gross and erroneous myths still being circulated in Orthodox circles and on Orthodox websites. For this reason I will continue posting things on this subject and will make available as a link a Halloween Resource Page at the top of my Mystagogy website over the next week with posts that I have thus far made, and will update it as more is posted.

With Halloween just over a week away, I am also making available by very popular demand a small booklet titled "Orthodoxy and Halloween: Separating Fact From Fiction", which will be available beginning today from my Mystagogy Bookstore. Though my desire has been, and still is, to produce a definitive and a bit longer study on this subject, this booklet is something introductory and short in order to be distributed by both clergy and teachers to those who have questions on this subject. I have literally received many dozens of requests for this, and those who order today or tomorrow should receive it by Halloween.

The booklet can be ordered either by clicking on the DONATE button towards the top of this page or by mail. The cost is $7.00, and please indicate your item being ordered when submitting payment. Mail orders can be sent to:

John Sanidopoulos
PO Box 320284
West Roxbury, MA 02132