July 4, 2012

Top Ten Movies of 2012...So Far

As I customarily list my top ten movies of the year every end of December or beginning of January, I try to divide the year in half as well in order to make the end task a bit easier. It also serves the purpose of recommending movies from the year, before the summer blockbusters begin. The movies of the first half of the year typically are not the best, so few will probably make my top ten at the end of the year. But there are still some gems which I recommend.

I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, and if you haven't, do so. If you can see it in IMAX 3-D, even better. This movie had high expectations, and it fulfilled them all very nicely.

A great philosophical horror movie, where you get to also see Liam Neeson punch a wolf in the face.

3. Bernie

I hesitate to say anything about this movie. I went in cold not knowing anything about it, except that Jack Black starred in it, and I left very enthusiastic about it. Do not watch a trailer, do not read a review - just see it!

Rotten Tomatoes gave this a 94%, so it has the critical acclaim to back me up on including this in my top ten. A perfect and funny nostalgic summer flick.

I already wrote a review of this movie, which can be read here.

I already wrote a review of this movie, which can be read here.

The description of this movie sounds silly: "Three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel." However the movie is very funny and good, with excellent performances. Plus, Aubrey Plaza should be better known as a female comedian.

A super hero movie with a "found footage" look, making it very believable, except for the formulaic ending.

The story of John Carter is the story that inspired some of the most beloved super heroes we know today. Unfortunately it was not as well received as it should have been, which I think is due to its title and the fact that it was made by Disney. I really liked this movie however.

I was divided on my last pick, so I just went with two movies here. Both have strong performances coupled with a lot of action and thrills.

And that is my top ten...so far. Hopefully soon I will start writing more movie reviews again.