July 3, 2012

260 Large Families Supported By Archdiocese of Athens

More than 750 food parcels are distributed each month to 260 large families from the Archdiocese of Athens, through the non-governmental charity organization "Apostoli". The program includes distribution of food parcels to be given on a monthly basis throughout the year.

In a meeting with Archbishop Ieronymos, the President of the Association of Large Families of Athens Mr. Vasilios Theotokatou and its Director Mr. Paul Charalambos were able to inform about the shortcomings of many children and their needs. The Archbishop stated: "We need to support large families."

The Archbishop stressed the need for support of large families and praised the effort of "Apostoli" to take on the needs of food distribution to large families. "The Church is in the arms of large families and we are proud when there are families like these that give the example. They also represent a jewel that adorns the institution of the family. In difficult conditions large families have needs and obligations which make it impossible to cope. Thanks to "Apostoli" there will be real help and relief for these people, and especially children, that need to grow in a balanced, healthy family environment, living without basic deficiencies."

Mr. Dimtsas in his statements said that "there is no doubt that large families are the sensitive part of our society that needs substantial assistance and support. It is the example for everyone who wants to create a family, that children are the inexhaustible source of strength to draw hope and bring life... We are delighted that we will be helpers in the daily lives of these people."

Moving was the statement of the mother of many children, Mrs. Mary Bairamidi, who said: "We could not believe the crisis would hit the Greek family, but unfortunately it came and knocked on the door, and we have families who have difficulty with dignity to ask for help." The mother of the large family was in the Archdiocese with her eight children, and thanked His Beatitude for the initiative "Apostoli" and the "support to families with many children suffering from the economic crisis."