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April 22, 2015

Saint George the Great Martyr Resource Page


George, cutting down all his foes in battles,
Is gladly cut down of his foes by beheading.
On the twenty-third, George’s neck was seized by the brazen blade.
Life and Veneration

Synaxarion of Saint George the Great Martyr and Trophy-Bearer

The Martyrdom of Saint George the Great Martyr

Saint George the Great Martyr: Epistle and Gospel Reading

Encomium to the Holy Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer (Theodotus of Ancyra)

6th-11th Century References to Saint George

Homily Two for the Feast of Saint George (St. Luke of Simferopol)

Homily on Saint George the Trophy-Bearer (Metr. Augoustinos Kantiotes)

Homily on the Holy Great Martyr George (Archimandrite George Kapsanis)

The Trophy-Bearer of Love (Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi)

Saint George the Trophy-Bearer as a Model for our Lives

A Vision of Saint George the Great Martyr In Glory

Why Saint George is Often Depicted Slaying a Dragon

Greek Epithets of Saint George the Great Martyr

Saint George: A Saint for the Desperate

Traditional Greek Songs to Saint George

The Veneration of Saint George in the Founding of the Russian State

Loutro Traianoupolis: Where Christians and Muslims Venerate Saint George

In Georgia, Everyday Is A Feast of Saint George

Saint George the Trophy-Bearer in Cyprus

Saint George and the Powers of Witches and Vampires

Saint George the Drunkard, Saint George the Poor, Saint George the Sower

Saints Associated With Saint George

Saints Gerontios and Polychronia, Parents of Saint George

Holy Martyrs Anatolios and Protoleon the Soldiers, Converted by Saint George

Holy Martyr Athanasios Who Was a Sorcerer, Converted by Saint George

Saint Alexandra the Empress of Rome, Wife of Emperor Diocletian

Saint Glykerios the Farmer of Nicomedia

Holy Martyr Nike

Holy Martyrs Victor, Zotikos, Zeno, Akindynos, Caesarios, Severian, Christopher, Theonas and Antoninos

Holy Eight Martyrs Eusebius, Neonos, Leontios, Longinus, Danabos, Demetrios, Nestabos and Christopher

Saint Nina of Georgia Resource Page

Saint Theodore the Sykeote, Bishop of Anastasiopolis

The Role of St. George in the Life of St. Theodore Sykeote

Saint Xenophon, Founder of the Athonite Monastery of Xenophontos

Saint George Appears to Saint Arsenios of Paros

Saint Phanourios Resource Page


The Translation of the Relics of Saint George to Lydda (St. Nikolai Velimirovich)

The Prison, Wheel, Torture Instruments and Chains of St. George in Cairo


Synaxarion for the Dedication of the Temple of Saint George in Lydda

Report On St. George Church In Lydda

Oil and Myrrh Gushing from the Tomb of St. George in Lydda (video)

A Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Saint George in Israel

Report On the Church of St. George In Cairo

Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of Saint George in Kyparission

Saint George, Protector of Zographou and Xenophontos Monasteries

The Cell of Saint George "The Revealed One"

The Wood Carved Statue of St. George in Kastoria

The Chapel of St. George on Lykavittos Hill in Athens

Chapel of Saint George at Mystras

The Milking of the Sheep in Honor of St. George in Crete

The Procession of the Icon of St. George With Horses

The Chapel of Saint George the Vampire in Thymari of Argolis

The Holy Monastery of Saint George and Panagia of Yellow Rock in Australia

The Church That Became Synonymous With Hell: A True Story of the Pontic Genocide


An Encomium on the Miracles of Saint George the Great Martyr

3 Miracles of Saint George

Commemoration of the Miracle of the Great Martyr George in Zakynthos in 1688

When St. Arsenios of Cappadocia Was Rescued by St. George

What a Muslim Saw that a Faithful Christian Did Not

Miracles of St. George to Muslims at Koudouna

A Miracle of Saint George in 1940

A Miracle of Saint George the Trophy-bearer

The Great Miracle of Saint George of Symvoulas in 1992

An Icon of St. George is Gushing Myrrh in Cyprus

A Personal Testimony About the Myrrh-Gushing Icon of St. George in Cyprus

Another Icon of St. George Gushes Myrrh

A Greek Town is Speaking of a Miracle Following Discovery of a Skeleton

Miracle Reported in Russia Through the Relic of Saint George

"I Went to Christouli and Panagitsa High in Heaven": A Miracle of Sts. George and Raphael

The Story of How Saint George Led a Turkish Woman to be Baptized an Orthodox Christian

Saint Eumenios Saridakis, the Demon Possessed Girl and the Miraculous Icon of Saint George