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April 19, 2015

May the Calendar of the Heart Say "Resurrection"!

By Fr. Andrew Konanou

resurrect me with You!
Take away from me all stress,
anxiety and fear.

Grant me Your serenity
and joy.

Your strength.
Your authority.
Your victory
in each pain,
corruption and death.

Proof that You have raised me,
let it be the profitability
and vitality
in my life.

My appetite for action,
and eros.

If these things I cannot,
I do not feel,
or they do not come out of me,
then Your Resurrection
still has not entered within me,
no matter how much the lips
may indicate.

because Pascha has come
to the calendar,
it does not mean that all
have been resurrected!

We say it
Christ is Risen!

my Christ,

But, me?

My friends and acquaintances?

I'm not worried though.
Even now, is an opportunity!
And tomorrow is day.

For every moment
of my life
is an invitation
to live
the beauty and power
of the Resurrection!

Christ is Risen!
I wish also for us all!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.