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April 23, 2015

Saint Glykerios the Farmer of Nicomedia

St. Glykerios the Farmer (Feast Day - April 23)

When Saint George was locked up in prison, the fame of his miracles had reached across the city and its surroundings. Many people filled the prison every night, giving large gifts to the guards to see the Saint and to receive the spirit of strength, the spirit of joy, the spirit of faith and of love. Among them was the poor Glykerios. He only had one ox, which died while plowing his field. He thus fell on his knees before Saint George and begged him to help him. Upon his sincere confession that he believed in God, the Saint received him and told him that his ox was alive. When Glykerios confirmed this, he returned to the Saint to thank him, and he cried out: "Great is the God of George!" For this reason he was arrested and subjected to death by the sword.