April 16, 2015

The Custom of the Icons in the Cave of Grevena

Once again there took place this year, as every year, on Easter Tuesday (04/14/2015), the custom of the icons in the Cave of Grevena, with the presence (for the first time) of the new Metropolitan David of Grevena.

According to this very old custom, in the monastery of the Panagia, there takes place an "auction" of the Honorable Cross and icons from all the churches of the Cave.

The Honorable Cross represents the church of the Panagia, and this is followed by icons from the other churches: Saint Athanasios, Saint Michael, Saint Paraskevi and Saint Katherine.

Immediately after this there is a procession of the icons together with the relics of Saint Nikanor, Saint Haralambos, Saint Tryphon, Saint Prokopios and the skull of Saint Menas the Kallikelados, throughout the village.

Then, in the lower square, opposite the school of the Cave, the faithful venerate the sacred relics and the wonderworking icons.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.