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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Original Posts Will Return March 13th

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Relevant posts till I return...

Great Lent Resource Page

Fasting Resource Page

March 1 - Saint Agapios the Hagiorite

March 2 - Alexandros Papadiamantis on St. Nicholas Planas

March 2 - Elder Philotheos Zervakos: Recollections of St. Nicholas Planas

March 2 - Saint Agathon of Egypt

March 2 - The Enthroned (or "Reigning") Mother of God Icon

March 4 - Saint Gerasimos of the Jordan

March 4 - Recent Miracles of St. Gerasimos of Jordan

March 4 - St. Gerasimos of Jordan Monastery (Documentary)

March 5 - Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

March 5 - Papa-Fotis the "Fool For Christ"

March 6 - 42 Martyrs of Ammoria in Phrygia

March 6 - The Miraculous Icon of Jesus Christ At Agia Moni

March 7 - Saint Aimilianos the Roman

March 9 - The Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebastea

March 9 - Sermon for the Feast of the Forty Holy Martyrs

March 9 - Discovery of the Relics of the Forty Holy Martyrs

March 9 - The Celebration of the Forty Martyrs in Romania

March 10 - Saint Anastasia the Patrician of Alexandria

March 11 - Saint Theodora, Empress of Arta

March 11 - Saint Pionius the Hieromartyr

March 11 - Saint Sophronius of Vratsa

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