February 1, 2012

Break Time

The time once again has come to take a short break from posting here. My life has become too busy and I'm more than overwhelmed, and every day something new seems to pop up leaving many things undone as new things pile up and nothing really gets done. Working a full time job in a fast paced environment doesn't help my situation or energy level either, but that is something I can't give up temporarily unless I took a vacation which I would rather save for an actual vacation since I have not taken one since 2003. My house needs cleaning and fixing, my personal library needs to be organized, I need to get back to reading at least six books at a time like I usually do and have not done in months, my DVR needs to get out of the perpetual 90+% full indicator, errands need to be done, appointments must be made, orders from my bookstore need to be fulfilled, books I'm writing which are past their deadline need to be updated, decisions about my future must be made, and the updates I've promised for this website must take place, among many other things. When all these things are done, I'll be back with maybe some peace of mind which I have feel like I have not had in many years to give this website and all my endeavors the energy and time and effort that they deserve. Hopefully this won't take more than a week or two, but my goal is to certainly be back to posting here by my birthday on February 15th if not sooner. I will continue to post past webposts, especially concerning feast days, on both Facebook and Twitter. When I come back, I'll let you know how everything went. A blessed Triodion to all!

As I was thinking of what to write here at 3:00 AM I was fooling around on MixPod.com listening to some music, so I thought I would share some songs and videos (all 15 of them can be browsed through below using the forward button and can be seen also at the link below the video that says "Get Tracks") I quickly and randomly compiled that will provide the soundtrack to my leave of absence.