November 16, 2011

Ecumenical Patriarch In Hierapolis, Where the Apostle Philip Was Martyred

On 14 November 2011, which was the feast of the Apostle Philip, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the ancient octagonal church built over the martyrdom site of the Holy Apostle Philip in Hierapolis. This was the first time the Ecumenical Patriarch celebrated the Divine Liturgy at this important Christian shrine, and has special significance since the recent discovery by Italian archaeologist Francesco D’ Andria of the tomb of the Apostle Philip next to this church. When the tomb was discovered this past summer, the Italian archaeologist visited the Ecumenical Patriarch at the Phanar to inform him of the find. It was then that the Ecumenical Patriarch organized this pilgrimage and Divine Liturgy for the feast of the Holy Apostle. Francesco D’ Andria was in attendance.

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