September 14, 2011

Excavations Begin To Find Relics of the Holy Confessor Valeriu Gafencu

On 7 September 2011 excavations to find the relics of the Romanian confessor Valeriu Gafencu (+ 1952) ended after three days. This effort is being funded by members of his family.

The excavations are being done near the prisons of Targu Ocna, where the communists threw the bodies of the dead prisoners. They found eleven graves where they dug. According to surveys of communist crimes, four belong to former detainees who were just thrown there and the rest belonged to the psychiatric unit operated within the prison.

Excavations will continue next year. They expect to identify the relics of Valeriu Gafencu through a cross which was placed in his mouth by his fellow prisoners when he died. This act was done for his remains to be identified when found.

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