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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When A Christian Attains Purity of Heart...

When A Christian attains to purity of heart, then he fulfills all the commands of the Lord, and then "he sees God" (Matt. 5:7), that is, he beholds clearly in his heart the workings of the Holy Spirit, from which he is enlightened to become an unwavering guide of others, and understands the hidden sayings of the divine Scriptures, and the nature not only of beings, but also the nature of truth; and in consequence he arrives at clear-sightedness, foresight, and dispassion, from which comes the action of divine revelations and miracles. 
- Elder Daniel Katounakiotis (+ 1929)  
Contemporary Ascetics of Mount Athos (vol. 1), by Archimandrite Cherubim, p. 314.
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