February 22, 2011

"Mary Mother of Christ" To Start Production Next Month

Mary Mother of Christ is an upcoming historical movie set for theatrical release that will retrace the life of Mary (September 8, 20 BC?-January 1, 45 AD?), usually referred to by Christians as the Virgin Mary, a Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee, identified in the New Testament as the mother of Jesus Christ.

Director James Foley will be helming the project, and Actress Camilla Belle got the lead role as Mary. The film is based on a script written by Benedict Fitzgerald and Barbara Nicolosi, both Catholics therefore it will probably approach the subject from this perspective. Benedict Fitzgerald co-wrote the script of Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Filming will be done in Morocco. The movie Mary Mother of Christ should be released sometime in 2012.

Cast of the movie Mary Mother of Christ includes:

- Camilla Belle as Mary
- Al Pacino as Herod
- Peter O'Toole as Symeon
- Diogo Morgado as Joseph the Carpenter

According to IMDb, filming starts March 14, 2011. The budget for the film $36,000,000 (estimated).