February 7, 2011

Video: 72 Year Old Greek Sexton Takes On Thief

February 7, 2011

Thieves will think again when they think to put their hands to the candle stand at the Church of Saint Demetrios in Tirnavos, especially after hearing that a 72 year old sexton is the watchdog of the church.

The incredible story took place on Friday (02/04/2011) when an aspiring robber invaded the church and destroyed the candle stand, grabbing all the money inside.

In a moments notice and without hesitation, when the sexton spotted him she grabbed the thief and began calling for help. In an inconclusive battle, the perpetrator bit the woman's hand in a desperate bid to escape. The pain from the bite and the shove was enough for the thief to break free of the grip of the sexton.

Immediately the thief ran to his escape vehicle - a neglected bicycle at the entrance of the church - and frantically pedalled away in an unknown direction.

The sexton was brought to the Tirnavos Health Center where her bite wound was treated.

See the video of the event below:

Νεοκόρος σταματα ληστή
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