December 3, 2010

The Greek Orthodox Mission in Tanzania

His Eminence Dimitrios Metropolitan of Irinopolis has done great missionary work in Tanzania, Africa over the past four years. He has lead the effort for the following:

- 16 churches have been built.

- 36 wells have been dug.

- 2 secondary schools, 3 primary schools and 1 pre-school have been constructed.

- The have constructed one orphanage, a clinic, a missionary guesthouse, a baptistry, an old age home, church bells, etc.

- Daily they feed 180 infants with milk and vitamin biscuits.

- They offer Vitamin C to 600 malnurished children and AIDS patients.

- 56 wheelchairs have been given to lepers and the disabled.

- There is a periodic distribution of food parcels and clothing, footwear, household items and medicines.

The documentary below was filmed during a visit by a missionary team from the Metropolis of Florina in Greece led by Chancellor of the Metropolis, Father Justin Bardaka. They are in Greek, but refer to the following website for some information in English: