December 8, 2010

A Cunning Demon in the Church

By Elder Daniel Katounakiotis

I grieve very much recalling today's generation, how for our sins God has allowed the cunning demon to find a handle on two sides.

On the one side, the Hierarchs ruling our Church, instead of defending the pious traditions, introduce innovations and novelties; while on the other side, the pious and faithful, instead of writing with great discernment and in a spirit of peace, in presenting their opinions hurl abuse against the Hierarchs and heap up all the anathemas of the Holy Fathers, in order, if possible, to depose the sinful Hierarchs; and in this they flatter all the people, and thus instead of profit, harm will occur from both sides.
(Letter to Nicholas Rengos, 11/3/1926)
From Contemporary Ascetics of Mout Athos (vol. 1) by Archimandrite Cherubim, p. 318.