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December 10, 2010

Decani Monastery Relief Fund: Nothing for Kosovo; Everything for Us!


9 December 2010

Decani Monastery Relief Fund Inc. USA

Press Release:

Nothing for Kosovo; everything for us!

Beloved in Christ our Lord,

May our Gracious God always bless you and I pray you are having a spiritually rewarding Nativity Lent!

The following message is a repeat of material that we have sent to you before:

As many of us know the Decani Monastery Relief Fund based in Boise, Idaho solicits donations worldwide via the internet. All money donated is immediately transferred from Boise to the Decani Monastery in Kosovo where the resident monks distribute it to the direct benefit of Serbian individuals and families living in the war-ravaged communities of Kosovo/Metohija. Our fund helps anyone in Kosovo who needs assistance.

I am at the same time indicating to you what the fund does on a regular basis:

The fund currently supports six soup kitchens, four schools, and numerous churches, and monasteries. It also directly assists families, children and elderly by paying for medical care, providing scholarships and offering financial assistance for purchase of necessary utilities and food.

Nothing for Kosovo; everything for us!

Let me humbly continue onward to what else our fund does on a regular basis:

Our fund supports 61 scholarships to the University of Northern Kosovo and also scholarship assistance for Serbian youths at Boise State University, and Hellenic College/Holy Cross Theological Seminary, as well as financial assistance to Serbian immigrants in Boise, Idaho.

Nothing for Kosovo; everything for us!

Other important issues, needs and problems addressed by our Fund include: refugee centers and camps; special needs of the elderly; electricity bills; firewood during winter months (including schools!); necessary medical (and surgical procedures; Orthodox celebrations of Christmas and Easter-Pascha; shortage of hay and farm equipment.

Our fund is also trying to purchase pigs for 200 families by January 7th for the Christmas holidays (the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the old calendar).

Nothing for Kosovo; everything for us!

The needs in Kosovo-Metohija continue to add raw numbers of homeless and indigent.

All of the important needs and issues mentioned above have already been brought to your attention before.

The question I am now raising is this: what funds have we recently been able to raise to help address the situation faced by the distressed Orthodox faithful of Kosovo who are now enveloped by a bitterly cold winter?

Sadly, the answer is that virtually that no monies have been donated to help these desperately impoverished Serbian faithful in Kosovo. None! During this holiday season... with this area being afflicted by freezing temperatures and deep snows... little or no monies are coming in to help those in Kosovo survive.

Please! We need your help now!

The Orthodox faithful of Kosovo need your loving help now! Please open your kind hearts (and pocket books) and help us one more time (as you have lovingly done before) so that these wonderful peoples can better survive these desperate times.

If you can donate to this very worthy cause please do so by sending your check to:

Decani Monastery Relief Fund
C/O Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
2618 West Bannock Street
Boise, Idaho 83702-4705

If you need to speak with me directly you can call me by cell phone: 208-860-2479

As we humbly approach our spiritual pilgrimage to Bethlehem and behold our Savior Jesus Christ, may you and yours be ever blessed with His peace and joy.

Thank you dear kind and lovingly good souls in Christ our God!

Peace to your soul!

Humbly in Christ our Lord,

+ Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!