September 16, 2010

Troy Polamalu and Family Welcome Newborn Child Ephraim Polamalu

According to Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu: "Today the Steeler Nation has acquired a new citizen. Theodora, Paisios, and I welcome Ephraim Polamalu. Boy born 5:01 AM this morning."

We know that Troy, a devout Orthodox Christian, named his first child after Elder Paisios the Athonite. Seeing that he is a regular parishioner of Elder Ephraim's monastery in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, we can probably guess his newborn son is named after Elder Ephraim of Arizona.

In an interview last year, Troy was asked what his greatest wish was for his first son, and we can suspect that his answer below applies to Ephraim as well:

"Without a question, my greatest wish would be for him to understand the spiritual struggle and to be a pious Orthodox Christian. That’s what I want for myself, as well. Sometimes parents want their children to be what they never were. And that’s one thing that I am gracious for Paisios to have: that he’s able to grow up in the Orthodox church around monastics and priests that I was never able to experience as a kid - to grasp that, not take it for granted and really culture that."