September 19, 2010

A Prophecy of Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi in His Own Voice (Video)

In summary, Elder Joseph talks about the times before the coming of Antichrist. He speaks of political upheavals and an economic crisis. Greece will be impoverished and in hunger. Turkey will take advantage of Greece's weakness and attack. Russia will in turn attack Turkey and gain control of Constantinople and the surrounding area. Though Russia will want to keep Constantinople for themselves, they will not be able to and instead will give it over to Greece after two or three months. He mentions that the Americans and Israelis will make their move to attack Russia and push them back. The Japanese are also mentioned. Then a miracle will happen: An angel will appear in the heavens and the armies will temporarily lose their minds, turning against each other. A slaughter of three days will result in 700 million dead. These will be 700 million men/soldiers, not women and children. This will take place near Constantinople and will leave Constantinople in ruins, save for Hagia Sophia. After three days an angel will appear to stop this fighting, then all will return to their homeland. At this time this angel will arouse a Roman/Byzantine emperor of old who was pious and godly to rule from Constantinople and he will usher in a period of peace for three or four decades. When the Church becomes strengthened and is better organized, then the events spoken of by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation will take place.

When asked if these events will take place in our generation, he answers that he doesn't think so. When asked if it may be the next generation, he answers "probably".

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