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Friday, September 3, 2010

Courageous Last Words of Cretan Saints

"It is impossible that I step on Your icon, Lord Jesus Christ." - St. Paul the Righteous Martyr, 765

"I was born a Christian and I will die a Christian. My name is John. I will not change my Faith nor my name." - St. John of Sfakia, 1811

"We were born Christians and we will die Christians." - Four Holy Martyrs of Rethymnon, 1824

"Offer libations? Eat polluted meats? No!" - Holy Ten Martyrs of Gortyna, 250

"I refuse." - This was said by St. Maria of Fournes after a Muslim asked her hand in marriage and to convert to Islam, 1826

"I was Islamicized forcefully as a child, I return to Smyrna to preach Christ publicly as the only true God." - St. Mark of Smyrna, 1643

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